As a leading security surveillance company “ is providing a large range of CCTV camera original products according to your requirements.  Our CCTV camera price in Pakistan is affordable to meet everyone’s budget.

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More than ever before it has become essential to provide proper protection for your most valuable possessions. Whether its protection for your home or your business premises that’s required don’t wait until an intrusion has occurred to take action. Our fully trained technicians can professionally install a security alarm system that provides just this protection. 

CCTV Cameras have become one of the most powerful security Tools of the age, putting a face to thousands of offenders daily, as well as providing

safety and protection of your Home or Business. CCTV Security Cameras are now a major deterrent to any would be burglars.

V.I.P. has been a major designer and installer of CCTV Camera Systems since the early days, combining a wealth of experience with cutting edge technology in this most technologically advanced sector of the industry.

Access Control systems are utilized in many different Companies and organizations for a range of security management issues. With our electronic access control devices, such as Smartcards and Fobs, there is no need for elaborate patterns of access limitations. Staff or visitors to your premises can be given key swipes or other electronic forms of recognition to enable them to pass into various parts of the premises at certain times of the day. We will work with you to define who goes where and map out an access control system that defends these boundaries for you.

The access control system can be easily integrated with other security measures such as CCTV Cameras and intruder alarms.

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Large Enterprise

Large companies and government entities that occupy entire complexes or campuses are more vulnerable to security risks than smaller organizations.

Manufacturing and Industry

From the front of the assembly line to the loading docks, manufacturing facilities require optimal protection for workers, equipment, raw materials, and finished goods.

Warehouses , Distribution, Logistics

Warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics specialists around the world are benefiting more from the use of video surveillance systems for monitoring daily business activities, reducing theft, and identifying vehicles entering loading docks.

Hotels, Hospitality, Gaming

Hotels, snooker clubs and resorts face the challenge of balancing security needs while preserving an appropriate and welcoming environment for their guests. In addition to protecting visitors, staff, and facilities, video surveillance in the hospitality industry is also utilized for people counting, access control, video analytics, and traffic management.